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Ningbo Kaidi Science Instrument Co., Ltd. Teaching equipment of the brain anatomy model teaching equipment

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First, the model uses:

Brain Anatomical Model Teaching Apparatus - Brain Anatomy Model is an intuitive teaching aids used in the teaching of brain structure when it is used in the teaching of weight anatomy in secondary schools and tertiary institutions. For the students to understand the brain, brain, cerebellum, mesencephalon, pons and medulla oblongata six parts of the structure and the relationship.

Second, the model structure:

1, high school biology teaching instrument model brain anatomical model for the natural human brain anatomy, remove the dura, to the normal physiological position on the base.

2, the middle of the brain to do sagittal cut, the left hemisphere through the lateral groove to the occipital horizontal cut. The left half of the brain shows the deep leaflets free and exposed to the lateral groove.

3, the north side of the hemisphere, the medial surface and bottom of the brain sulcus, brain, brain page.

4, the middle of the brain sagittal plane of the corpus callosum, septum, brain, cerebellum and brain stem section structure.

5, showing the brain stem of the complete structure, including twelve pairs of cranial nerves.

Third, the model use and custody:

1, the middle school biology teaching instrument model brain anatomical model according to teaching requirements around the brain and a half of the island leaves can be disassembled, the assembly should be positioned according to their orientation and location of holes should be consistent to prevent damage.

2, secondary biology teaching instrument model brain anatomy model should be done after use dust handling (remove dust, with plastic bag). Product storage space should be clean, dry, ventilated, should avoid direct sunlight to ensure product durability.

Fourth, the material structure: general education equipment

High school biology teaching instrument model The brain anatomy model uses the high quality PVC plastic manufacture, has the light, firm, not easy to break down and so on the characteristic.

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