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When the acceptance of the national laboratory in preparation?

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Article Source: Instrument Information Network

       In 2014 the two sessions, Zhao Jincai academician in a proposal, the state has not been in the preparation of the national laboratory for acceptance, the impact of national laboratories on the introduction of talent, scientific research and innovation and international influence, hope the country As soon as possible to give formal approval and confirmation.

The 18th CPC National Congress and the 3rd Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee made significant plans for the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, stressing that scientific and technological innovation is the strategic support for improving social productivity and comprehensive national strength. It must be placed at the core of the country's overall development. As the national strategic and comprehensive research platform, the national laboratory is the most important "national team of scientific research", which is of great significance for optimizing the allocation of scientific and technological resources, exploring the innovation of institutional mechanisms and realizing innovation-driven development.

After more than ten years of development, China's pilot national laboratories in the results, talent, mechanism, and achieved good results. But there are also some problems in the development of national laboratories, the CPPCC held a bi-weekly consultation forum, specifically consultations on this discussion. More than a dozen members of the CPPCC National Committee and experts on how to play a good national laboratory in the leading role in the original innovation to make comments and suggestions.

Acceptance as soon as possible, play a leading role in national laboratories

In 2014 the two sessions, the CPPCC National Committee, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, deputy director of Key Laboratory of Photochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhao Jincai proposed in a proposal, the state has not been in the preparation of the national laboratory for acceptance, The introduction of national laboratories, research and innovation and international influence, I hope the state as soon as possible to give formal approval and confirmation. The proposal aroused widespread repercussions.

China's laboratories can be divided into the school level / level, municipal, provincial / ministerial level, national key laboratories and national laboratories. As the highest laboratory, the smallest laboratory and the largest investment lab in the laboratory, the National Laboratory represents the highest level of science and technology in a country-related field, and its position is to modernize the country, said Rao Zihe, a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Construction and social development of the major demand-oriented, basic research, pre-competitive high-tech research and social welfare research, and actively assume the national major scientific research tasks, resulting in original innovation and independent intellectual property rights of major scientific research.

At present, more than 200 national key laboratories have been approved, but only a few are national laboratories. In 2000, the Ministry of Science and Technology formally approved the formation of the "National Laboratory of Materials Science in Shenyang", and started the pilot work of the National Laboratory. In 2003, the Ministry of Science and Technology approved the preparation of Beijing National Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics 5 national laboratories. In 2006, the Ministry of Science and Technology decided to expand the national laboratory pilot, start the marine, aerospace, population and health, nuclear energy, new energy, advanced manufacturing, quantum control, protein research, agriculture and rail transportation in 10 important national laboratory preparation jobs.

However, more than ten years later, most of these national laboratories are still in the state of preparation. Wang Meixiang, a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and a professor of chemistry at Tsinghua University, said that in the past ten years, the Ministry of Science and Technology has only accepted experts in the Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, and the other five national laboratories The acceptance of the work was delayed and no mention was made in 2006 of the 10 national laboratory plans.

In fact, the pilot national laboratory has achieved very good results, part of the pilot national laboratories have been able to compare with the international advanced similar body, get the technology sector recognition. Wang Meixiang pointed out that the positioning of national laboratories in the national innovation system and the relationship with the relying unit is not clear, the national laboratory construction of financial support mechanisms have not yet established and sound, resulting in the preparation of the National Laboratory after the encounter " build".

"National Laboratory after so many years of development, to the stage of reflection and sorting.National laboratory can not just be built, but should be officially launched as soon as possible.If the national laboratory construction has been dragged down, not only will affect the technological innovation, Will also affect the credibility of the country. "CPPCC National Committee members, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Clean Energy National Laboratory (chips), director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said Li Can.

Rationalize the institutional mechanisms, the establishment of scientific and rational management system

"With our strength and national will to build a number of national laboratories, the hardware is not difficult, the difficulty is the software, that is how scientific management, collaborative elite force, the national laboratory to become the country's most important strategic technology base. CPPCC Standing Committee, the State Key Laboratory of Solid State Physical Chemistry, Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said Tian Zhongqun, to promote the healthy and long-term operation of national laboratories, the need for competition incentives, mobility coordination and peer monitoring three mechanisms. He suggested setting up a number of relevant national laboratories in key strategic areas such as energy, thereby exploring the mechanisms for competing and synergistic and peer-monitoring.

Li also suggested the placement of national laboratories in various fields and designated national ministries directly related to their fields as the macro management of national laboratories. He said that the National Laboratory is a new initiative in science and technology innovation, complemented by existing research institutions without duplication. It is proposed to address a number of key challenges in important areas that affect national economic strategies, emerging industries and national security, and encourage national laboratories to The development of high-tech fields and new industries to explore a new path with Chinese characteristics.

Wang Meixiang said, the National Science and Technology Leading Group to coordinate the interests of various departments, straighten out the departments, national laboratories and relying on the relationship between units, the establishment and improvement of the national laboratory of the long-term financial aid mechanism, innovative management. "Only to solve these problems, the national laboratory to concentrate on doing big things, to become the national economic and social development strategy needs to dominate the problem."

"The mention of national laboratory construction, we tend to be referred to institutional and institutional issues, and institutional mechanisms is reflected in many details on the issue, such as the national laboratory department in charge of the problem, staffing issues, seem small problem, in fact Are related to the development of laboratory problems, these problems solved, the institutional mechanisms to solve the problem. "National Committee of the CPPCC National Committee of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computer Science, State Key Laboratory of Academic Committee Lin Huimin said.

Tan Zhongqun pointed out that the national laboratory needs a number of disciplines, a number of research groups to work together, but our current research results evaluation system seriously hinder the advancement of collaborative innovation, mainly in the first author (unit) too much attention, the second author (Units) of the contribution is not recognized. In this system, at the highest level of research groups are more willing to "go it alone", can not focus on the strength of co-innovation. To this end, he suggested that the reform of the current evaluation system, the establishment of competition and mobility as the core management system and scientific and rational distribution and incentive system.

Integration advantages of resources, the formation of a wide range of funding and personnel support pattern

April to May 2014, the CPPCC National Committee of Education, Culture, Sports and Sports Committee has organized special research group went to Shandong and Liaoning provinces, to carry out "to enhance the capacity of the original innovation to accelerate the construction of national laboratories," thematic research. The research team suggested that the central government should improve the stability support mechanism for basic research and promote the healthy development of national laboratories. For the national laboratories that focus on the strategic needs of economic and social development, they should focus on mobilizing local and enterprise support for basic research, and form a new pattern of diversified and stable support, with central finance as the mainstay and local and enterprise active participation.

At present, China's basic research funding continues to increase, but the proportion of R & D investment and the proportion of financial science and technology investment is still too low to solve. Members pointed out that basic research funding is still based on competition-based, stable support is very small, researchers had to spend a lot of energy to compete for resources, it is difficult to study with great concentration, affecting the formation of significant original results.

Rao and said that China's scientific research units there are cross-cutting, repeated set of problems, leading to the distribution of funds, "spreading pepper face", it is difficult to concentrate on doing big things. National laboratories are the "national team" representing the country's highest level of scientific research, the backbone of a country's original innovation, and should concentrate on supporting the "national team" so that they can focus on their work without too much consideration of funding.

In 2008, the Ministry of Finance set up the "State Key Laboratory of special funds", and the stability of the national laboratory funding support has not been resolved over the same period. CPPCC Standing Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences, deputy director of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said Gao Hongjun, national laboratories must have sustained and stable financial support and consistent with the actual management mechanism to ensure its competitive advantage.

Fund is the foundation, talent is the key. "One of the key factors in the construction of the national laboratory system is the integration of research teams with original innovation capabilities," said Wu Weihua, director of the State Key Laboratory of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, standing committee member of the CPPCC. Departments and units to integrate the best scientists into the national laboratory team, select the laboratory and set up under the leadership of the team, the establishment of scientific and efficient team of laboratory staff and assessment evaluation incentive mechanism.

Tao Zhi, vice president of the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, believes that the national laboratory is a major national research platform, should emphasize its inclusiveness: First, the formation of national laboratories, we must break the geographical, sectoral and even industry restrictions, Second, in the operation of national laboratories, we should fully learn from the operation mechanism of the world-class national laboratories, the use of world-class sharing of major experimental facilities and equipment, widely absorb the wisdom of the international community, and to fully absorb the domestic advantages of science and technology resources, truly reflect the national will; , The national laboratory built for world-class scientists "singing" stage.

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