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How to appease the child distress irritable mood

Release date:2016-12-30 00:00:00 Author: Click:

Trick 1: Music

★ soft music can appease the child's emotions

Music has a magical effect, it can appease the baby excited emotions, make him calm down. When the child shows bad mood, parents can open the soft music in time, let the children listen to the child himself will slowly calm down. Of course, when parents choose the music is very important, should choose Mozart, Schubert and other composers of classical music, and should not choose a strong sense of rhythm of the music, otherwise it will cause the opposite effect.

If your child grew accustomed to listening to soft light music, then his bad mood is relatively less, and when he has bad mood, soft music will also play better results.

★ rhythm children's songs can make children happy

If the usual parents and children to listen to some rhythm children's songs, and children to dance along with children's songs, the child's mood will be very happy. Because these rhythmic songs are generally based on the children like the rhythm and rhythm to write, by the children's favorite. In the process of singing and dancing, parent-child communication is also going on, the children will certainly be full of joy. Children's happy, bad mood "attack" of course, the probability is small.

Trick 2: animal toys

★ and animal children talk to primary and secondary experimental equipment

In the child 's eyes, all animal toys are alive, they are their good friends, many children like to hold their favorite animal children whisper. When the child produces bad mood, parents can use this feature of the child, take a child's favorite animal children, their unhappy tell it to listen. Will be unpleasant to tell their own out, the child's bad mood will slowly relieve. If possible, parents try to listen to the child to say the reason to help children from the root cause of the elimination of bad mood.

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