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The school won the "Fourth National Higher Education Experimental Teaching Equipment selection activities" third prize

Release date:2016-12-29 00:00:00 Author: Click:

Recently, learned from the Chinese Society of Higher Education, the National "the fourth college self-made experimental teaching equipment selection activities" in Chengdu, came to an end. Shandong University of Science and Technology, Professor Zhang Jinjuan "ZigBee technology based on the moment of inertia testing system" and Cheng Weimin teacher "mine prevention and control of disaster prevention and control simulation experiment platform" 2 entries won the national third prize. General education equipment

The college self-made experimental teaching equipment selection activities by the Ministry of Education Laboratory Construction Steering Committee, the Ministry of Education Experimental Teaching Steering Committee, the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and the China Higher Education Association jointly organized. A total of from Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology and other national 192 colleges and universities of the 548 valid entries, the organizing committee selection, 274 self-made experimental teaching equipment award. (Correspondent: Li Jiannan Responsibility Code: Yan Feng)

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