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Breakdown of high school physics experiments, you are familiar with a few

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Ningbo Kaidi Science and Education Instrument Co., Ltd. for your breakdown of the 191 high school physics experiments, think about what we have a few? What are the teaching instruments for the following experiments?

Primary and secondary experimental apparatus

01. Air cushion guide introduction

02. Digital timer is introduced

03 Use the digital timer to measure the instantaneous speed of the slider on the air cushion guide

Linear Motion and Its Velocity

05 Acceleration of linear movement in speed measurement

06 Electromagnetic RBI timer

07 with the RBI timer to demonstrate uniform linear motion

08 EDM dot timer

09 Accelerated straight-line acceleration with dot timer

The relationship between the path and the time of the straight acceleration with zero initial velocity

11 Use a Newtonian tube to demonstrate that the air drag is very small when the different object co-workers fall

12 Determine the center of gravity of the sheet by the hanging method

13 Demonstrate glass microdeformation with a large glass bottle

14 Demonstrate the deformation to produce the elasticity with the deformation demonstrator

15 Demonstrate desktop microstrain with laser specular reflection

Static friction

17 Maximum friction force

Verify the sliding friction law

Sliding friction

Comparison of Rolling Friction and Sliding Friction

The Parallelogram of Force Synthesis

22 the size of the resultant force between the angle of the relationship between the components

Decomposition of Force

Decomposition of Demonstration Force of Triangular

25 equilibrium conditions of the co-point force

Balance of Moment

27 Inertia (1)

28 Inertia (2)

29 Inertia (3)

Newton 's First Law

31 Newton's Second Law (1)

32 Newton's Second Law (2)

Newton 's Third Law

Interactivity of Static Friction

35 mutual elasticity

36 The reaction of the reaction force

37 Weight loss

38 Demonstrated by the dynamometer overweight

39 with a small pressure gauge to demonstrate weight overweight

40 objects to do the conditions for curved motion

41 Direction of velocity in curve motion

The Synthesis of Two Straight - line Angular Motion

The Isochronism of Flat - throwing Motion and Free Falling

The Isochronism of Flat - throwing Motion and Horizontal Uniform Motion

45 flat throwing movement of the track

46 Factors determining the magnitude of the centripetal force

Vibration of the Spring Oscillator

48 Simple harmonic vibration of the image

49 Damped vibration of the image

The Isochronicity of 50 Pendulum

The vibration cycle of the pendulum is independent of the mass of the pendulum

52 pendulum cycle and pendulum length

53 with a timer to study the relationship between pendulum cycle and pendulum length

54 Forced vibration and resonance (1)

55 Forced vibration and resonance (2)

56 Use the oscilloscope to observe the vibration of the sounding object

Kinetic energy of an object

Gravitational potential energy

Transformation of Kinetic Energy and Gravity Potential Energy

Transformation of Kinetic Energy and Elastic Potential Energy

Conservation of momentum

62 completely inelastic collision

63 Full Elastic Collision (1)

64 Full Elastic Collision (2)

65 Full Elastic Collision (3)

66 Oblique touch

67 Collision ball (1)

68 Collision ball (2)

69 Collision ball (3)

70 pendulum car

71 Recoil (1)

72 Recoil (2)

73 Recoil (3)

Diffusion of gases

75 The diffusion rate of the liquid depends on the temperature

Brownian Motion

The Cause of Brownian Motion

78 Intermolecular forces (1)

79 Intermolecular forces (2)

Compression Ignition Experiment

81 The air temperature rises during adiabatic compression

82 Air temperature decreases during adiabatic expansion (1)

83 Air temperature decreases during adiabatic expansion (2)

Anisotropy of Crystals and Isotropy of Amorphous

85 Surface tension phenomenon (1)

86 Surface tension phenomenon (2)

87 Surface tension phenomenon (3)

88 Capillary phenomena (1)

89 Capillary phenomena (2)

90 fluid pressure and flow rate

91 fluid pressure and flow rate relationship

92 gas pressure and volume of the relationship

93 gas pressure and temperature relationship

The relationship between gas volume and temperature


96 Charged objects attract small objects

97 The interaction force between charges depends on the amount of charge and the distance

98 Coulomb twisted

Electrostatic induction of pillow - shaped insulated conductors

100 electroscope induction electrification

101 from the electric disk

102 Observation of electric field lines with sawdust

103 Use other methods to observe the electric field lines

104 Check the charged charge distribution on the outer surface with a moving ball

105. Use a metal mesh to verify charge distribution on the outer surface

Shielding of external electric field of metal grids

The shielding of the internal electric field by the grounding metal grids

108 parallel plate capacitor capacitor with what factors

A cathode ray tube is used to demonstrate the deflection of charged particles in an electric field

Qualitative study of the factors affecting the conductor resistance

Quantitative Study of Factors Influencing Conductor Resistance

112 depicts the volt-ampere characteristic of a small bulb

113 depicts the volt-ampere characteristic of the diode

The relationship between the voltage at the 114 terminal and the load resistance

115 A magnetic field exists around the current

116 Ampere Right Hand Spiral Rule

Observation of magnetic induction wire with iron

118 with the iron pointer to observe the magnetic induction line

119 The role of the magnetic field on the current left-hand rule

120 parallel conduction between the straight wire interaction

Structure of Magnetic Electric Meter

Principle of Magnetoelectric Meter

The electron beam is deflected in a magnetic field

Circular Motion of Electron Beam in Uniform Magnetic Field

125 moving electromotive force with the size of the factors related to (1)

126 dynamic electromotive force with the size of the factors related to (2)

127 induced electromotive force with the size of what factors

128 right-hand rule

Lenz 's Law

130 power self-inductance phenomenon

131 power self-inductance phenomenon

Self - induction of Fluorescent Lamps

133 Check the AC power with a small lamp

134 Use the light-emitting diodes to observe the AC power

135 Use the ammeter to observe the AC power

136 Observe the sinusoidal AC power with an oscilloscope

137 Observe other AC power with an oscilloscope

138 with the oscilloscope to observe the charge and discharge of the capacitor

139 Use the oscilloscope to observe the waveforms of the alternating current across the diode

140 inductor for AC resistance

Factors that influence inductive reactivity

The Role of Capacitors in Alternating Current

143 factors affecting the size of capacitive reactance


The Relation Between Transformer Voltage and Number of

146 The input current of the transformer increases as the load increases

Formation and Propagation of S - wave

The Formation and Propagation of P - wave

149 reflection of waves

150 (diffraction of the water wave

151 independent propagation of waves

152 wave superposition

153 water wave dry shot

Standing wave

Formation of Standing Wave

Standing Wave in Air

Doppler Effect

Electrical Resonance

Emission and reception of electromagnetic waves

160 tuning and demodulation

Reflection Law of Light

Light Refraction Law

163 total reflection (a)

164 Total reflection (b)

Optical Fiber and Its Application

166 Dispersion of light as it passes through the prism

167 spectroscope

Application of Total Reflection Prism

169 (light of the double-slit interference phenomenon (a)

170 (light of the double-slit interference phenomenon (b)

171 Thin film interference (1)

172 (Thin film interference (2)

173 (Thin film interference (3)

174 Thin film interference (4)

175 Single Slit Diffraction

176 single-hole diffraction phenomenon

Poisson bright spot

178 Polarization of Light (1)

179 Polarization of light (2)

Thermal Effects of Infrared

Fluorescence Effect of Ultraviolet and Its Application

182X ray tube

183 Spectroscopic observation of continuous spectrum

184 atomic emission spectrum

185 absorption spectrum

Photoelectric effect

187 photoelectric effect law

188 simulated alpha particle scattering experiment

189 Use the Geiger counter to detect radiation

190 Observing the tracks of alpha particles in a cloud chamber

191 laser

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