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How to maintain the teaching equipment?

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The progress of the times, the level of information technology continues to improve, more and more modern teaching equipment applied to primary and secondary education (teaching). Computer, multimedia projector is the use of teachers in school habits. After years of teaching use, the best equipment will be damaged, any equipment needs to be maintained and maintained. Modern equipment gradually to or exceed the use of the time limit for maintenance, can be used as a result of not bad, bad only to repair the traditional way of thinking, missed the maintenance of the prime time, if not pay close attention to time to do a good job maintenance maintenance, a lot of maintenance costs Will make the school complain incessantly, to the time to make up for it. I would like to remind the school to regularly maintain the importance of the projector. The school general affairs director is a school masters, to master a certain degree of modern education and teaching equipment management and maintenance is a good general affairs director of the essential ability of teaching equipment maintenance, maintenance is equipment technology management important link , Its purpose is to extend the life of equipment to maintain its good performance and accuracy, is to maximize the normal operation of equipment to prevent the preventive measures to protect the laboratory teaching and scientific research is normal and smooth basis. The laboratories must be attached great importance to the development of this approach:

First, the laboratories must establish strict post responsibility system, according to the characteristics and requirements of equipment used to develop appropriate maintenance measures, and earnestly implement, so that the maintenance of equipment to do regular, institutionalized.

Second, we must strengthen the teachers, experimental technicians and students of the basic operation of training, so that they are familiar with the instrument performance characteristics, master the basic methods of operation, to avoid improper operation or mistakes caused by the accident, especially large-scale precision instruments and equipment used, To strictly implement the system of certificate holders, non-trained, unqualified personnel unauthorized operation of large-scale precision instruments.

Third, the inventory, spare or due to lack of tasks need to archive a period of time equipment to regularly clean, check points, for dust, rust, moisture and other aspects of maintenance.

Article IV, commonly used equipment maintenance requirements

① electronic equipment

A, very electronic equipment to regularly clean, dust, regular power, to prevent damage to moisture components.

B, to regularly carry out site detection, performance testing, to understand the technical status, to ensure that equipment is often in good working condition.

C, the internal use of rechargeable batteries to maintain their data or program of equipment, to regularly use electricity.

① machinery and equipment to regular cleaning, lubrication, rust, dust, moisture, corrosion and other maintenance work.

② laboratory environmental conditioning equipment

A, air conditioner indoor unit and dehumidifier anti-sieve filter at least half a month cleaning time, the outdoor machine regular maintenance and cleaning, improve the cooling effect. This is both the need to improve efficiency and effectiveness, but also to prevent overload-induced fire and damage to equipment needs.

B, laboratory indoor ceiling fans, fans should be regularly cleaned, dust, lubrication.

Photochemical reaction instrument, ice machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine / cell mill, sterile homogenizer, spray dryer and other laboratories. System implementation depends on a variety of records to test, the establishment of a complete standard laboratory files, both conducive to supervise the experimental teachers to manage the assets of the laboratory, but also conducive to the experimental teaching services to ensure the normal and orderly conduct of laboratory work. Primary and secondary experimental apparatus

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