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China Education Equipment Industry Association on the renewal of 2015 annual membership certificates and membership fees paid notice

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Teaching Association in the text [2014] 22

       Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and the city of education, planning industry associations: the annual renewal of new membership certificate work is about to begin. In order to guarantee the normal operation of the association's business, strengthen the normative management and effective supervision of the member units, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the member units, we hereby notify you of the matters related to the renewal of membership certificates and dues for 2015:

First, re-issued certificates and payment of fees and time requirements of primary and secondary experimental equipment

1. Since December 1, 2014, China Education Equipment Industry Association will start the renewal of the 2015 annual membership certificate and membership fees to pay work. The issuance of the membership certificates for the new year will still be carried out in accordance with the method of issuing new certificates upon arrival of the membership fees.

2. On January 1, 2015, the annual membership certificate will be automatically void. I Association will be March 10, 2015 began to announce the year 2015 China Education Equipment Industry Association member list.

3. "China Association of Education Equipment Industry Association," chapter III, Article XII clearly stipulates that "Member if a year does not pay membership dues or do not fulfill the obligations of members or not participate in the activities of the Association shall be deemed to automatically withdraw membership card, and in Association of newspapers, publications, published on the website list. " Please refer to the list of unpaid dues for the year 2014 (see attachment). Please assist with remittance and complete your remittance by December 31, 2014. If the payment is overdue, the association will retain the membership until March 10, 2015, and all the activities will no longer enjoy the membership discount. In the March 10, 2015 release of "Announcement of Member Announcements 2015," when not yet to pay the 2014 annual fee, that is, according to the automatic withdrawal, and delete its "China Education Equipment Network" membership record, which in the I also assume all the functions of the Association are automatically exempt, three years before they can re-apply for membership.

4. In order to facilitate payment of membership dues, membership fees in 2015 by the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central City and the municipalities of education and equipment industry associations on behalf of collection and after February 25, 2015 remitted to the Association account, no association , Please education technology and equipment sector collection. Difficulties in the collection of cross-examination, please help units to supervise the member units can be remitted directly to the Association account.

5. To absorb the work of new members, the Association Secretariat to focus on summary, and submitted to the Council or the Standing Council discussed after the adoption of the Association's website publicity.

6. If some of the member information changes, please change the member name, legal address, telephone number and other relevant information and related documents in the December 31, 2014 feedback to the Association to ensure that I Association issued members The accuracy of the certificate, to facilitate communication with members of the contact.

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