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The Use and Management System of Multimedia Teaching Equipment in Schools

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Classroom multimedia teaching equipment is the school to carry out modern education and teaching activities, an important facility for teachers to implement the concept of curriculum materials reform, the implementation of information technology and teaching activities integrated hardware platform. Whether the normal use of equipment can be directly related to the smooth implementation of the new curriculum, whether the normal progress of the two lessons. In order to ensure the normal order of education and teaching, improve classroom multimedia equipment utilization, the development of classroom multimedia use and management system is as follows, hope the class strictly in accordance with the implementation of:

First, the classroom multimedia equipment is the school to carry out education and teaching tools, shall not be used for other activities. Second, the classroom multimedia equipment by the class teacher and class administrator (designated by the class teacher as a student) is responsible for the day-to-day management, school network administrators responsible for the maintenance of equipment and the use of technical training staff. Multimedia equipment, the key set by the class teacher custody, a set of uniform custody of school network administrators.

Third, the use of multimedia equipment, personnel must be trained in advance and strictly follow the multimedia system operating procedures to ensure the normal operation of the system. It is strictly forbidden to play with multimedia devices.

Fourth, when used, in strict accordance with procedures, not in violation of operating procedures to avoid damage, but also always pay attention to the operation of the system equipment, once the equipment is abnormal, shall not be forced to use, should immediately report to the network administrator, and details of the failure the reason. If not reported at the time, after the discovery of all responsibility by the parties. Damage caused by improper use of multimedia teaching equipment, according to the relevant provisions of the school damage to the instrument processing.

5, without the consent, shall not be allowed to modify the system environment and related parameters, are not allowed to arbitrarily change the system equipment cable, are not allowed to unauthorized removal or removal of system equipment, are not allowed to unauthorized use of the system equipment out of the house. Internet, the use of floppy disks and removable disk, the installation of courseware and applications, should take strict precautions against the virus.

6, the use of the end, should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of procedures to shut down the system equipment and power, finishing equipment, by teachers to fill out the "classroom multimedia equipment use records" in order to statistics equipment usage, help maintenance personnel to master the use of equipment. Timely lock the podium, good security work.

7, the class teacher for the classes of multimedia equipment management of the first responsible person, after school every day, the class teacher to check, the equipment must be in the off state, the total power plug unplugged to prevent fire and equipment damage. The class administrator to help the class teacher and classroom teachers to do the classroom multimedia teaching equipment management, use, and to maintain the cleaning of multimedia equipment, other students can not use multimedia equipment, if students automatically use equipment, resulting in equipment damage, the student Should be according to price compensation.

8, regular health cleaning work. Teachers and students in classrooms must take good care of lines and podiums and all kinds of teaching equipment to keep them clean and tidy. The chalk must be placed in a chalk box. Chalk and blackboards should not be wiped on the podium. Pay attention to waterproof, fireproof and safe use of electricity. . After use to do the necessary maintenance of the rostrum. The ground should always keep clean, pay attention to equipment dust.

Nine, classroom multimedia equipment is expensive, teachers and students should be carefully protected to ensure normal school. 10, classroom multimedia equipment using class changes, the teacher should actively cooperate with, good handover procedures. 11, the school of the classrooms of the classroom multimedia teaching equipment management, equipment use records, teachers use classroom multimedia teaching equipment and production of multimedia teaching resources for examination and acceptance, the results of the corresponding examination and punishment included in the scope of schools and class teacher, The Index System of Teacher 's Term Assessment. Teaching equipment manufacturers

12, the network administrator: XXX Phone: xxxxxxxx phone: xxxxxxxxxxx

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