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Teaching equipment manufacturers to discuss the difference between concave mirror and convex mirror

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Ningbo Kaidi Science Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in teaching equipment manufacturers, determined to become Zhejiang teaching equipment and production of one of the largest manufacturers of suppliers: teaching equipment manufacturer

Concave mirror and convex mirror is a very common physical teaching apparatus, then the difference between the two? Here a science and education for you to detail:

1, the definition is different

Convex mirror: a spherical mirror with a reflecting surface on the outside of the paraboloid

Concave mirror: a spherical mirror with a reflecting surface inside the paraboloid

2, the structure is different

Convex lens: from both sides of the sphere into a transparent mirror body composition

Concave mirror: one side is concave and the other side of the opaque lens body composition

3, the role of different light rope

Convex mirror: the main refraction of light from the role

Concave mirror: the main role of light from the reflection

4, different imaging properties

Convex Mirror: Refractive Imaging

Concave mirror: reflection imaging

5, the application is different

Convex mirror: motor vehicle rear view mirror, street corner of the mirror and so on

Concave mirror: solar cooker, solar furnace, flashlight reflector, astronomical telescope, otolaryngologist with endoscope, searchlight, car headlights, etc.

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