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The use of beakers and the use of precautions

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Ningbo Kaidi Science Instrument Co., Ltd. for you to explain the use of beakers and the use of precautions

Beacon is commonly used in chemical laboratory teaching equipment, then we usually in the laboratory should be how to use it, need to pay attention to what? Uses: Beaker is used at room temperature or heating the preparation of the solution, dissolved substances and a large number of substances in the reaction vessel.

Use Notes: ① to the beaker when heated to asbestos mat. The beaker can not be heated directly by flame. Because the bottom of the beaker, with a direct flame heating, can only be burned to the local, so that the glass caused by uneven heating burst. ② dissolved material mixing, the glass rod can not touch the cup wall or cup bottom. ③ with a beaker to heat the liquid, the liquid volume of not more than 1/3 of the volume of the beaker is appropriate to prevent the liquid overflow when boiling. Heating, the beaker wall to be dry.

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