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Why Experimental Teaching in Rural Primary and Middle Schools

Release date:2016-12-26 00:00:00 Author: Click:

Source: China Education News. November 18,

■ Zhang Li Cheng

In many years of comprehensive educational supervision and evaluation papers and papers analysis, I found that most of the rural primary and secondary students do not understand the experiment and operation, not observation and analysis, science papers in experimental observation part is the most lost place.

This is related to the existing problems in the scientific experiment teaching of primary and secondary schools in rural areas.

Experimental equipment shelved. County six-year school in rural areas of scientific teaching laboratory equipment in 2012 has been fully equipped before and after the distribution of township center primary school before this instrument specifications higher, fully able to meet the needs of group experiments. However, most of the experimental equipment in the township center primary school only on the instrument rack, some schools of experimental equipment has not yet opened. Supervision found that some boxes of equipment and related laboratory drugs have been lost due to poor custody, retirement or expired, animal specimens sealed damage, smell unpleasant, ore samples lost.

Experimental arrangements for a piece of paper. Education Equipment Management Department of the local area according to the "science curriculum standards" and "primary school science experiment teaching rules," the relevant provisions of the formulation and publication of the "primary school science experiment teaching list." In the table, a detailed list of experimental requirements, experimental contents, purpose and major experimental equipment are given according to the order of teaching and the number of the chapters. However, in practical teaching, Can not be implemented.

Professional teachers can not guarantee. As the school is a serious lack of relevant professional teachers and laboratory professional management personnel, experimental teaching lack of professional teachers has become the school principals the most troublesome thing. Most of the schools have arranged for old, weak, sick, disabled teachers to replace vacancies. These teachers just "finished" textbooks even if the completion of teaching tasks, there is no ability to Shanghao experimental class.

Scientific experimental teaching can not be supervised and evaluated. The management and evaluation of the teaching of science has repeatedly been referred to the county and township education work on the motion, because of the lack of professional teachers and ran aground.

(Author: Gansu Province, Liu Zhen Liu Ning Education Management Center, primary and secondary experimental equipment)

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