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Storage equipment need to pay attention to what aspects

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First, do a good job cleaning dust.

Dust is composed of many different properties of particles, attached to the surface of the instrument, not only affect the neat appearance, but will undermine the performance of the instrument, or even accidents. For example, the mechanical movement of the Department of ash will increase the mechanical wear, the metal surface of the ash will adhere to the water vapor and rust, electrostatic instruments will affect the insulation properties of dust, dust adhesion of optical instruments will affect the transmittance, the lens mildew ,and many more. Therefore, the health of the instrument room must do a good job.

Second, we must properly adjust the instrument to keep the indoor temperature and humidity, to keep it normal.

Abnormal temperature and humidity is the main cause of corrosion, mildew and aging of the instrument. To do the work of the exhaust ventilation room. Usually to use natural ventilation to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity (such as high temperature season or the rainy season, outdoor temperature or humidity is higher than indoor, to close the doors and windows; the other hand, outdoor temperature or humidity is lower than indoor, to open the doors and windows, Storage of precision instruments and electronic instruments inside the cabinet should be placed desiccant, (such as calcium chloride, silica gel, etc.) and to regularly replace or dehumidify. General education equipment

The above is the storage of equipment need to pay attention to the two major aspects, we should jointly supervise the good, to ensure the instrument life extension and reduce losses.

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