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To promote the development of scientific research and education, for scientific research and teaching equipment, known as scientific instruments

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Usually a set of devices or machines prepared for a particular purpose. Scientific instruments are generally dedicated to a purpose device or device. Scientific and educational equipment structure is more complex, are high-tech products, composed of multiple components; teaching equipment is relatively simple, in the hands-on operation, maintenance, updating the use of more humane. Instrument size, weight, shape, there are a variety of the smallest can be directly held in the hands of the operation, a larger volume of the instrument is generally known as devices or equipment. General education equipment


Scientific instrumentation can improve, expand or supplement human function. People use the sensory organs to see, hear, taste, touch the external things, and microscopes, telescopes, sound level meter, pH meter, pyrometer and other instruments to improve and expand these functions. A physical quantity, such as a magnetometer, a ray - counting device, that can be sensed by a measuring instrument. Some instruments can exceed the human ability to record, calculate and count, such as high-speed cameras, computers and so on.


Instrumentation is a comprehensive product of a variety of science and technology, wide variety, wide range of use,

And constantly updated, there are a variety of classification methods. According to the purpose and use of points, there are measuring instrument used in various industries on the scientific research and teaching: radio test equipment, seismic testing equipment, geodetic instruments, hydrological instruments, timing instruments, agricultural test equipment, commercial test equipment, Teaching equipment, medical equipment, environmental protection equipment. Instruments and instruments belonging to the industrial machinery products are industrial automation instruments, electrical instruments, optical instruments, analytical instruments, laboratory equipment and equipment, materials testing machine, meteorological ocean instruments, film machinery, photographic machinery, photocopying micro-mechanical, instrumentation components , Instrumentation materials, instruments and equipment, such as 13 types of equipment. They are more versatile, large quantities, or for the instrumentation industry, the necessary foundation.

Various types of instrumentation according to different characteristics, such as function, detection control object, structure, principle, and then divided into several sub-categories or sub-categories. According to the function of industrial automation instruments into the right instrumentation, display instruments, regulating instruments and actuators. Which is based on the measured physical instrument is divided into temperature measurement instruments, pressure measuring instruments, flow measuring instruments, level measurement instruments and mechanical measuring instruments. Temperature measuring instruments and mechanical measuring instruments. Temperature measuring instruments are divided into contact measurement and non-contact thermometer temperature measurement instruments. Contact thermometer is divided into thermoelectric type, expansion type, electric-type and so on. The classification of other types of instrumentation is broadly similar, mainly related to the development process, usage habits and the classification of the products concerned. Instrumentation in the sub-100 refining steel has no uniform standard, there are similar names of the instrument named.

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