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Primary school teaching equipment maintenance system

Release date:2016-12-26 00:00:00 Author: Click:

1, according to the characteristics of a variety of teaching equipment, in a timely manner dust, moisture, rust, mold, moth, antifreeze, explosion-proof, anti-light, anti-magnetic, anti-corrosion and boot power, charging and calibration Work to ensure that equipment performance in good condition. Biological immersion specimens should be added regularly as required anti-corrosion solution.

2, teaching equipment before borrowing, laboratory teachers to conduct an overhaul, to ensure its performance intact. Teaching equipment returned, and then an overhaul, and then put in situ preservation.

3, Precious and valuable teaching equipment should be kept, repaired or changed to be subject to the approval of the competent leaders. If the experimental teacher is not proficient in its performance, should be entrusted to the professional sector for maintenance.

4, the student experiment, the experimental teachers to carefully guide students to use the instrument correctly, timely maintenance of faulty equipment, to ensure the smooth conduct of the experiment. Students after the end of the experiment to the teaching equipment maintenance, recovery, for later use.

5, each semester to teaching equipment teaching equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection, centralized maintenance time, find problems in a timely manner. General education equipment

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